When it’s Hard to Find Solid Ground

You Need Solid Support | AEDP Therapy for Adults 

You’ve heard of AEDP, and you’re curious.

AEDP stands for Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, and I’m glad to unpack that with you.

People find my work in many ways. Some have come across “It’s Not Always Depression” and become curious about AEDP and want to learn more.

Others have talked to someone who has had a positive experience in AEDP therapy and would like to try it out for themselves.

Whatever your reason is that brought you here today, I’m glad it did.

And I’m glad you’re interested in more information about this therapy that’s shown to relieve emotional distress and heal traumatic wounding effectively.


So, how does AEDP work?

AEDP is a healing-oriented, experiential therapy that focuses on your experience of your emotions, your self, and your relationships in order to bring about new experiences of healing.

By focusing on our experience at the moment, we can avoid re-hashing thoughts about problems that tend to keep us “in our heads” and stuck.

Clients often say that they feel like we’re “getting somewhere” with dilemmas they have lived with for years.


Live with More Clarity and Vitality

Clients often describe newfound feelings of “being myself” and the ability to be more “real” in essential relationships.

Together, and over time, we’ll create lasting change that helps you live your life with more clarity, ease, and vitality.

Getting started is often the hardest step.  

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