Depression & Anxiety

Finding relief, feeling hope

While anxiety and depression are different conditions, the experience often overlaps. They show up in myriad ways: constant worry, restlessness, tension, indecisiveness, insecurities, dissatisfaction, exhaustion, emptiness, lack of motivation and desire, and heaps of shame and self-criticism.

Sometimes it can be hard to understand where these feelings are coming from. There might be an apparent reason, but often there’s no obvious source. So I help adults get to the bottom of their experience, learn to understand inner conflicts, heal emotional wounds, and relate to themselves with more compassion.

This often leads to new capacities to feel a broader range of emotions, and to hear the wisdom they hold.  In addition, seeing ourselves and others more realistically breaks the downward cycle of shame and criticism, thus helping to change habituated ways of being.

It becomes easier to engage with life and navigate with confidence when we feel clearer about ourselves and our circumstances.