Healing Trauma

Restoring connections: to ourselves, our bodies, our worlds

Life’s events can be shattering. Trauma refers to the often debilitating symptoms that many people suffer from in the aftermath of perceived life-threatening or overwhelming experiences.

We’re all impacted by our experiences.  Most people have lived through some kind of trauma, either directly or indirectly, even if the voices inside say “it wasn’t that bad” or “so many people go through worse”.  Sometimes trauma results from abuse, violence or a terrible accident or event that changes our sense of what it means to be safe and in control of our lives. Sometimes trauma is a build-up of too many moments of neglect that hollow us out, leaving us feeling confused and ashamed, and without really understanding what is “wrong”. Sometimes trauma is connected to growing up in pervasively dangerous environments or living amongst oppressive forces.

No two people are the same, so many factors are involved in how an individual is affected by adversities and adapts to keep going and live anyway. Yet all trauma causes pain and becomes isolating, disconnecting us from ourselves and from others in ways we may or may not realize.  Disconnection makes it hard to trust, and may get in the way of our ability to enjoy deep relationships, meaningful work, and a sense of well-being.

Without denying the formidable realities that have happened to you, we will also focus on what remains intact, resilient, and uniquely you. We will see you together. We will make sure that we are working to find a good pace and that you are not feeling unsafe or alone as we move through healing experiences in our sessions and towards a fuller and more connected life.