When It’s Hard to Find Solid Ground

You Need Solid Support | Therapy for Adults 

Sometimes the Terrain of Life Feels Unsteady

Thoughts don’t sync up with feelings, leaving us confused about what we really think or feel.

Intentions don’t pan out as we mean them to, leading to misunderstandings and tensions.

Actions don’t lead to feelings of meaningful accomplishment, draining our sense of purpose.

Feeling lost, anxious, or in constant mental analysis becomes exhausting.


In Times Like These, There’s Solid Support

I offer solid support to help you feel more like yourself and find the way forward that feels right to you.

Therapy with me focuses on your experience of your emotions, your self, and your relationships, in order to bring about new experiences of healing.

Clients often say that they feel like we’re “getting somewhere” with dilemmas they have lived with for years.


Live with More Clarity and Vitality

As you come to know in your bones what is and has always been true and right in you, you can re-connect with your whole self and feel more real in your most important relationships.

Together, and over time, we’ll create lasting change that helps you live your life with more clarity, ease, and vitality.

Getting started is often the hardest step.

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