Individual Therapy

For Adults in Pennsylvania, New York, and Montana

Naturally You

Sometimes, thoughts don’t sync up with feelings, leaving us confused about what we really think or feel. 

Sometimes, our intentions don’t pan out as we meant them to, leading to misunderstandings and tensions in our most important relationships. 

Sometimes, our actions don’t lead to feelings of meaningful accomplishment, draining our sense of energy and purpose. 

Feeling lost, anxious, or in constant self-criticism becomes exhausting.

I understand that the consequences of loss, trauma, self-rejection and rigid protective strategies lead to all kinds of heartache and suffering.  I equally believe in our innate capacities to heal and find our way.  Therapy can help.  

In our time together, we’ll tune in to your experience in the moment, so you’re not alone with what you’re feeling, and so we can see, understand and tend to what’s happening for you.  This may involve noticing sensations, emotions, forgotten memories, or awareness of parts of yourself with mixed feelings.  Often times, not feeling our own feelings has become somewhat of a survival strategy, so we’ll go at a pace that feels right and safe for you. 

We’ll also focus on the experiences associated with healing and feeling what seems “right,” previously unvoiced or unacknowledged. Research in neuroplasticity shows us that our brains are constantly changing in response to new experiences. So, this attention uses our capacity for neuroplasticity to “wire-in” change for the better.

Over time and with practice, new ways of relating will become increasingly familiar, and relationships often improve. Many clients say they feel like they’re “getting somewhere” or have a newfound sense of “being myself.”  Naturally you. 

“Though we have instructions and a map buried in our hearts when we enter this world, nothing quite prepares us for the abrupt shift to the breathing realm.”

– Joy Harjo in Crazy Brave

Time Limited Therapy

12-20 sessions

In some circumstances, a short-term therapy of 12-20 sessions may be a good option for focus on a specific piece of work.  I welcome your understanding of what you’re seeking help with, as well as your realistic perspective on the time and financial resources you are able to commit to therapy at this time.   

Often a lot of distress lingers around unresolved endings (like life transitions, breakups, unexpected grief).  In addition to your focal issue, time limited therapy also offers a way to have a new experience of a good ending. One that you see coming and can experience fully.


If you are interested in time limited therapy, please let me know so we can explore whether it is a good fit for you.