Individual Therapy

For Adults in Pennsylvania, New York, and Montana

Naturally You

Feeling lost, anxious, or in constant self-criticism? Restless but lacking motivation that gets traction? Numb and not sure “what’s wrong?” Exhausted and indecisive?

In life, we often get tangled up in constricted ways of living and in situations that don’t help.  In therapy, we untangle knots of thoughts, expectations and emotions. 

I help adults get to the bottom of their experience, learn to understand inner conflicts, heal emotional wounds, and relate to themselves with more compassion. With a restored sense of trust and confidence in oneself, living more freely and fully often feels possible.   

In addition, seeing ourselves and others more realistically breaks downward cycles of shame and criticism, thus helping to change dug-in ways of being.

Over time, new ways of relating to ourselves and others become increasingly familiar. Often clients say they feel like they’re “getting somewhere”.  

This may mean having the clarity and energy to persevere and make hard changes in your circumstances.  It may lead to shifts in perspective that allow more flexibility, easier flow of feeling and imagination, and an honest attitude toward the realities of life. 

“Though we have instructions and a map buried in our hearts when we enter this world, nothing quite prepares us for the abrupt shift to the breathing realm.”

– Joy Harjo in Crazy Brave

What’s Therapy Like?

A therapeutic relationship is always unique, and often a place to work out things that are hard or messy.  In our sessions, we’ll talk about what is happening in your day to day life, and seek to understand it’s place within your life experience.   

And as you tell me about what is going on, a new experience is created. Oftentimes unexpected information emerges when we tune in to what this is like for you. This may take the form of sensations, emotions, forgotten memories, or awareness of parts of you with mixed feelings.

I will frequently ask to slow us down. I’ll invite you feel and notice what might be occurring to you. We’ll make sure that we are working together to find a good pace. We’ll listen to what you think and feel and truly know in your heart of hearts. 

As we attend to the reasons that bring you to therapy, we inevitably discover places in you that have always been strong, places that were never broken.