Life Transitions & Loss

The heart was never made for goodbyes

Grief and loss, due to death, divorce or other endings, can upend everything that felt certain in life. These changes may be disorienting, leaving us feeling a mix of overwhelmed, angry, shut down, sad, adrift, lost, and alone. This is often especially true when the loss or relationship was complicated in some way.  

We may feel like shells of ourselves, going through the motions with little attachment to the days or filled with so much feeling that it’s unbearable.  Repercussions may ripple through other relationships, making it hard to find the solid ground of life.

I offer solid support and accompaniment through these times. Through emotion-focused work, therapy helps by providing a space to process grief safely. This helps us to live with what might remain unresolved, seek comfort in affirming ways, and navigate the new realities of life.

As loss is mourned, deeply and thoroughly, a sense of being alive in a world forever changed is rekindled.