Ruptures, repairs and getting along

We’re wired to seek relationships and connections to others as human beings. But sometimes, it can feel like those wires get tangled up or disconnected altogether. Communication becomes confusing, and tensions rise. We may fear being seen or not seen in those moments, feeling vulnerable or rejected. As a result, we may fall into patterns that become self-defeating.

We come by these patterns honestly, through our early experiences, therefore they are often unconscious and hard to see by ourselves.  They tend to repeat in relationships with our partners, families, children, coworkers, and friends, and if unaddressed, leave us frustrated. Whether our tendencies show up as codependent or avoidant, or both, we may feel perpetually misunderstood and disconnected or lonely.

I help adults struggling in the day-to-day of maintaining deep and meaningful connections with themselves and in their most important relationships.

Through our work together, it is often possible to replace old relational patterns that tether to the past with newer, more flexible, functional ways of being. And with more clarity, decisions of whether to move forward or move on also tend to become more evident.