For Therapists

Clinical consultation 

Growing Together

Consultation offers a way to grow, both through hard places of feeling stuck and through times when you feel at your best.   

My approach to supervision is collaborative, generous and affirming.  My hope is for you to feel accompanied as you build trust in yourself and your practice. 

I am a certified AEDP supervisor, so your time with me counts toward your certification requirements. Please reach out if you’re curious so we can talk further.


Consultation can help in a few ways:

  • Renew your spark for your work;
  • Discover and develop your own therapy style and unique voice;
  • Refine you understanding of clinical concepts:
  • Practice new skills;
  • Conceptualize cases from an AEDP perspective, including the 4-State model, affective change processes, and triangles;
  • Support supervised hours toward Pennsylvania licensure.

Group Supervision 

Where are We?: Tracking the 4 States

In an experiential model that works with emergent experience, we rely on tracking for a real-time understanding of what stage of experience we’re in.  But when there is so much to track, it can feel overwhelming!  This group will focus on tracking the 4 States to build recognition of the roadmap of the transformational process.  Through viewing tapes, we will practice tracking markers of each of the four states and three state transformations, in order to build a left-brain understanding of the reasons why we might select various interventions.   

  • Group size limited to 4 members
  • Prerequisite: Completion of IMM.  Whether you are just getting started with AEDP or have more experience applying theory to practice, this group offers a welcoming and supportive environment. 
  • 4 sessions, 1.5 hours each – Balance of didactic and participant tapes & group support and learning  
  • Every Tuesday in June – June 4, 11, 18, 25
  • 10:30 – 12:00 EST
  • $350 for 4 sessions  
  • Hours count as group supervision towards certification as an AEDP therapist 

Please feel free to reach out to me for more information!