Healing for living more freely and fully

Individual Therapy for Adults in Pennsylvania, New York, and Montana

We all hit rough stretches

We all hit times in life when there’s too much: when it’s hard to see how to feel better, make things right, or move on. Sometimes we know why. These feelings connect to a life-changing event. Other times, the reasons are not clear.

Either way, feeling out-of-sync and disconnected from ourselves and in our relationships leads to all kinds of heartache. And, while therapy can’t change the past or control the future, together, we can help to re-balance your nervous system, heal emotional wounds, and untangle remnants of the past from the realities of the present. This often leads to feeling more alive, capable, and true to yourself as you engage in your life.

As you come to recognize what is right for you in a way that feels aligned, the world often feels clearer. As a result, it becomes more natural to bring your self into the world and other relationships.

Living into the answers is what change – and being naturally you – looks like.

If you’d like company on your journey…

Work With Liza

The reasons that bring us to therapy are deeply personal. I meet you where you are, with openness and empathy for what makes your life complicated.

And while we all have our own quirks, attachment theory, trauma research, and affective neuroscience are quite conclusive about how human creatures are wired to survive and relate to one another. I am constantly learning and improving my ability to translate evidence-based practice into compassionate and practical sessions that help you move toward your goals.

If you are ready to settle into the journey, I’d love to hear from you.

How I Can Help

Individual Therapy

1:1 sessions to help you through what makes life difficult and bring out the naturalness and individuality of your way of relating to yourself and others. 


Consultation for therapists seeking to deepen their practice with a focus on developing both confidence and skills for facilitating AEDP’s affective change processes.