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We all hit rough stretches: times when there’s too much, or when it’s hard to see how to feel better, make things right or move on.

Sometimes, thoughts don’t sync up with feelings, leaving us confused about what we really think or feel.

Sometimes, intentions don’t pan out as we mean them to, leading to misunderstandings and tensions in our most important relationships.

Sometimes, actions don’t lead to feelings of meaningful accomplishment, draining our sense of purpose.

Feeling lost, anxious, or in constant mental analysis becomes exhausting.

There’s solid support

The reasons that bring us to therapy are deeply personal. I meet you with openness and compassion for what makes your life complicated.

My approach to therapy is firmly grounded in two ideas. First, that we are all innately wired to heal and find our way. Second, our capacities to know what is right in us and for us emerge when we feel secure.

Often, life experiences cause us not to feel secure. This puts us into our own unique survival mode and constricts our ways of knowing ourselves and the world. A solid therapeutic relationship will help you re-balance and expand your ways of knowing. This means balancing the knowing that comes from emotions as well as from thoughts. This also means untangling what’s more about the past from the realities of the present. It involves taking in care and support that feels right and asserting what doesn’t.

Living with More Clarity

As you come to recognize what is true for you, in a “synced” way that feels aligned to your whole being, the world feels clearer. Many people feel more alive and capable. It becomes more natural to bring this self into the world and other relationships.

Obviously, therapy can’t change the past or control the future. We hope to help you meet yourself, your relationships, and the moments of your life authentically.

Living into the answers is what change – and being naturally you – looks like.

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Work with Liza

There’s a saying I love: “If you really want to get along with somebody, let them be themselves.”

Getting along with our very own selves is the foundation of healing. It’s sometimes easier said than done! As for other relationships, getting along can look a lot of different ways. We’ll explore that together and work out what feels right to you.

I treasure the process of getting to know you and the uniqueness that is natural to you.

And while we are all unique, attachment theory, trauma research, and affective neuroscience are quite conclusive about how human creatures are wired to survive and relate to one another. I am constantly learning and improving my ability to translate evidence-based practice into compassionate and practical sessions that help you move toward your goals.

If you are ready to settle into the journey, I’d love to hear from you.

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